An exhibition of processed food
Brand Identity
Custom Typography
To design an identity system for an exhibition of processed food, the challenge was to translate the overwhelming display at a supermarket into a beautiful, understandable, systematic design. The color blocks that are created by the resemblance between similar products interested me. People do not recognize the products by their logos or packaging designs at supermarkets. They recognize them by the forms and colors of the products. A custom font was created for translating this behavior into the design identity that conveys the packed quality of a display and the beauty of processed food.
The identities created by food
Before starting to design the visual identity system, I started to observe the ways people behave in a supermarket. One thing got my attention: how do people find  the specific products they want out of hundreds of thousands of options? At a supermarket, in order to help people find the products they need, designers tend to make the packaging of the same kinds of products look similar, which creates an identity for each shelf. Customers can recognize the shapes and forms from a distance without seeing the logos or any other information on the packages.
The behavior of grocery shopping
Instead of reading the information on the packaging, customers first see the color blocks that are created by similar kinds of products, then receive more and more details by getting closer to the shelves.
Custom Typography
The custom typeface that represents the oversaturated display of a supermarket
When customers see the display of a supermarket, the similar forms of packaging of products would be blended from distance. The custom typeface was created for showing this unique attribute of this shopping behavior. The lightest weight can be doubled or tripled into heavier weights, which represents the moment when similar products are blended and become bigger color blocks in customers' views.