Herder & Rustler
A fresh e-commerce experience for fresh meat products
User Experience
Brand Identity
Herder & Rustler is an online food delivery service that offers humanly raised, quality products. Since meat is not a common thing that customers would buy online, it becomes a more difficult challenge to create an attractive, friendly brand that can encourage our audience to purchase meat products online. The goal was to create a sophisticated brand identity as well as an elegant, efficient user experience through a simple online shopping process.
Logo Mark
The versatile typeface with organic forms and sharp cuts
The playful yet elegant typeface, Signo, designed by R-Typography, was selected for Herder & Rustler to showcase its meat products. This dynamic san serif typeface perfectly represents fresh-cut meat with its  organic strokes and sharp corners. Its high x-height and open counters make it perform well in both headlines and small sizes.
Grid System
A fully responsive grid structure
The grid structures are applied on multiple devices to make the website responsive with different screen sizes. I used 16-column, 14-column, 8-column, 4-column for screen sizes of HD desktop, desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Promotional Page
A unique digital experience for a seasonal ingredient and its recipe
Besides the main site, an elegant promotional site identity was also designed for Herder & Rustler's seasonal products. Customers will have a chance to learn about the recipe of a particular ingredient through an unique digital experience.