Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brand Identity
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Red Dot Award: Best of the Best
Young Ones ADC Gold Cube – Branding Systems/Identities
A new brand identity for the historic urban botanic garden
Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an urban botanic garden located in the borough of Brooklyn, New York. The most unique quality that differentiates the Brooklyn Botanic Garden from other botanic gardens is its location. New York City, where the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is located, is a city of diversity and growth. Since the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is also a place that has diverse plant collections, it has become a representation of New York City on a smaller scale. The plants in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden grow together with New York City, but they grow differently in their own ways.
The botanic garden that grows with New York City
When the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was founded more than a century ago, the New York City area was quickly being developed into a cityscape of buildings and paved roads. After about a hundred years, Brooklyn has been expanded into a diverse space that holds over 14,000 taxa of plants and has nearly a million visitors each year. New York City has not stopped growing, either. The city has a population of over eight million people, and it continues to have significant influence and impact on the world’s economy, entertainment, media, education, art, and technology.
We grow together, but differently
Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a representation of New York City on a smaller scale. However, these organic, green New Yorkers have their own ways of growing. They grow together with the city, but they grow differently.
Visual Elements
The forms that represent the city and nature
The visual elements with the similar forms represent the contrast of the busy, overwhelming city and energy of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The colorful shapes convey the idea of "we are growing differently."
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